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Deep Cleaning in Dubai -


Every once in a while, your living or commercial space needs that extra attention to those bathroom tiles, kitchen appliances, furniture, windows and even wastebaskets. Whether it's a festival approaching, a big event planned in your house, holiday season, or just the hectic task of moving out to a new home, you might need professional help in making sure all your belongings are squeaky clean and in the best shape. In fact, you must plan for deep cleaning while living in Dubai at least once a year. So look no further, for Prime Home Service LLC is one of the best deep cleaning company Dubai. We are committed to providing you deep cleaning services, and our staff is just a call away.


While it naturally includes all processes in a general cleaning, deep cleaning in Dubai involves greater unpacking and movement processes - we will undo your pillow covers, move your sofas, and slide your appliances, scrub your bathroom and kitchen tiles to find every last ounce of dirt/dust sitting in your space, and there is no visible grime or dirt.

Hiring a professional deep cleaning company should rid your house of stubborn dirt, stains and sludge from floors, walls and corners, resultantly giving you a shining, sparkling, germ-free house to come back to! And we at Prime Home Service check all these boxes. We go the extra mile in ensuring anti-bacterial protocol to make your house “healthy”, that is, with a deep-clean keeping that keeps your loved ones safe from diseases caused by germs and bacteria’s.


Our certified professionals will start with dusting surfaces, scrubbing and mopping tiles and floors, removing cobwebs, cleaning countertops, cleaning grout from tiled surfaces, and spraying sanitizers on panels and wall installations. Then, they proceed to descaling ceramic, metal fixtures, glass and mirrors, vacuuming and dusting/wiping indoor and outdoor furniture, upholstery, carpets and mattresses, degreasing Kitchen appliances, and finally arranging bed linen and other articles in the house.


  • The end product is a teeming space, from bathroom to kitchen to living and working space:

  • Your bathroom is sparkling and sanitized, free from germs like staph bacteria, athlete’s foot, gastrointestinal viruses, and viruses spread by contaminated food.

  • Your kitchen is from all grease and food remnants. Deep-clean those stubborn stains will give your kitchen a new look

  • Your general spaces will now be easy to maintain with regular cleaning.

Deep cleaning services Dubai typically takes much longer than general cleaning, especially if you schedule a deep cleaning service for your entire home as it requires a considerable deal of time and effort. Deep cleaning Dubai with this precision is usually done at highly competitive rates, but our rates are meticulously set to remain affordable. By taking care of your needs reliably and affordably, we ensure that very required peace of mind.


The decision to order deep cleaning Dubai mainly depends upon how you see your current living situation. The following situations can be the best time to call in a deep cleaning company in Dubai (hint: you already know now what the best one is!):

  • When you are moving in/out

  • When you are starting a new service in your space

  • Before a big party/event at your space

  • During spring cleaning

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