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Cleaning Services in Dubai -
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Reliable, high quality cleaning services for homes & offices
Dubai-wide cleaning services starting from just 30 AED/HOUR
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Certified Professional Cleaners
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Available Evenings & Weekends 

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Our cleaning Services

Home Cleaning -
Maid Services -

Hire our cleaning service in Dubai to clean your house, be it an apartment, bangalow, villa or a mansion.

Hire house help for your home and offices in Dubai from our cleaning services and experience a top-notch quality of service

Commercial Cleaning -
Window Washing -

Protect your glassware and other windows by hiring our professionals and get a squeaky clean outlook

We will take out your trash, clean the floors, sanitize the bathrooms as well as eating spaces and other types of light cleaning for your commercial spaces

Vaccuming -
Deep Cleaning -


Let our professionals go the extra mile to make sure your spaces are perfectly cleaned- from dusting to wiping to scrubbing

Your carpets, rugs and mats accumulate a gigantic load of dirt. Allow us to take care of that for you.

Party/Events Help

Planning successful parties is hectic, but not with our help. You can cross cleaning and management off your list and focus on having a good time!

Party/Events -


Ironing -

Our team of professionals will leave your clothes looking fresh, clean and crisp.


let Prime Services do the cleaning so you can rest easy

Prime Home Services LLC is a leading provider of domestic and commercial cleaning services in Dubai. We are dedicated to offering affordable, high-quality cleaning for all your spaces. With 2 decades of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to select the best materials, hire skilled cleaners, and pay meticulous attention to detail to give your home the shine it deserves.


Hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai not only saves you time but also ensures a level of cleanliness that is hard to achieve on your own. Prime Home Services uses certified staff and only the safest, approved sanitisation materials, guaranteeing a thorough and safe clean every time.


You want a professional cleaning service in Dubai that truly understands and internalises your needs and preferences. We care for spaces of all shapes and sizes equally! We understand that different properties require different treatments, and we empathize with your needs and the value you attach to your spaces.


We have earned our reputation as a versatile cleaning company that does it all - from cleaning your house or office to assisting with daily chores (such as ironing), parties, and corporate events.


Prime Home Services LLC offers its services across the emirate of Dubai. Our clientele includes world-renowned brands and companies such as Ferrero Rocher, McAfee, and Lankhorst Ropes & Mehler Texnologies.

Yes, we are “Certified” CLEANING COMPANY IN DUBAI

With several years of experience in the industry, our cleaning service in Dubai has developed a well-structured system and strong set of values for recruiting our cleaners. Our staff is trained to be sensitive to our clients' needs and to handle their property and materials with the utmost professionalism. Equipped with proper training and all relevant cleaning service certifications, Prime Services offers a highly skilled team, ready to serve you!

Environmentally Friendly

As a responsible and professional cleaning company in Dubai, Prime Home Services LLC ensures that none of the materials we use harm the environment. Our aerosols are ozone-safe, and our products are completely “green” - free from toxins, ammonia, or any other harmful chemicals. So, you can rest assured that the secret to our squeaky clean results is a clear conscience!

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

We work to build trust by incorporating our customers' feedback at every step of the process. With our Dubai cleaning services, your satisfaction is truly our guarantee, which operates in two parts.


Firstly, we promise to meet all your agreed-upon requirements. We use precise and appropriate procedures with a personal touch to keep you free from any stress.


Secondly, our cleaning process ensures you won't be left to deal with any new problems that might arise after the cleaning is done. We are meticulous and aim to leave your space better than we found it. If any issues do surface, resolving them will be our top priority. After all, your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Available evenings and weekends

We understand our customers’ need for services every day of the year. In a place where time is literally money, Prime Home Services LLC has staff readily available even during evenings and weekends. In fact, weekends are often the best time for deep cleaning or hiring party help for your gatherings!

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